Origin Heroes

Origin Heroes - Litepaper

NFT Blockchain Game Overview

What is Origin Heroes?

  • Origin Heroes is the first merge strategy game built on the blockchain
  • Players will use an Origin Hero NFT to connect to the game and begin exploring Etheria
  • Origin Heroes are highly unique NFTs that quest, battle, and build on the blockchain
  • Cross-chain gameplay model utilizing Ethereum Layer 1 and Polygon Layer 2 to reduce transaction costs, and maximize speed and efficiency
  • Play-and-earn game economy where players accrue value while playing which goes back into the growth of the ecosystem
  • Players are rewarded with Elixir of Courage ($EOC) as they play & progress
  • Elixir of Courage is used to imbue (mint) new heroes in a controlled environment
  • Origin Hero + $EOC utility token = Minted Gen 2+ Hero